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Create Custom Windows With NTlite

NTLite is a software to build custom windows setup disk.With this software you can delete some windows default software or change windows option before install it. In this post of Itarfand we completely teach you how working with ntlite.

Preparations begin training software

You need iso file before start this training. Now copy file contents to your hard.

Now add your windows file like this image and then right click on windows and choose Load.

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After load file you can see some option like this:

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With this part you can delete some files of windows like languages

Note: change a lot in this part will be damage your windows.

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This part is about windows features like Internet explorer.

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In this part you can add windows update with CAB or MSU format to your windows Iso file.

Note : some updates are not compatible with your windows.

You can add your updates like this image:

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You can add Net Framework 3.5 like this:

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You can add hardware drivers with this part.

To add your current windows drivers you can choose Import Host.

Note : don’t add graphic driver

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You can change windows setting with this part.

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Note : don’t change sensitive setting

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In this part you can change default language , location information , serial key and…

First choose Enable to change setting

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You can add other software to install automatic with windows.

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Softwares install silent before boot so it’s difficult to control them.

To install automatic you need Parameter Info.

Parameter to install automatic: /q , /quiet , /passive

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Now you can build your windows in this part.

First choose these option and select where your iso file save. After that choose Start.

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Note : before install your windows , control it with vmware workstation

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