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Creating Clip With ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold is a software to create clip from images with beautiful effect , Also  You . can put your music in your images . In this post of Itarfand you learn who create clip in this software.

Software Activation

When you start the program you see this message that mean your software is not active.

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To active proshow gold download ( this crack) and replace them in this address:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Photodex\ProShow Gold

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Now right click on the Patch file and start it on Run As Administrator.

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Now if you start program you can see that program is active.

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Make Clip From Images

First add your images with drag and drop in the white place.

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If you want to add music to your clip , you can see music option in this place:

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Now use this one to add music.

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To add effect first right click on your image and select Slide Option.

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Now you can choose effect and then select Apply Style.

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If that style has option you can see them in the right.

For example if it has caption , you can change it like this image:

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You can see Slide Timing in the slide setting to change time that takes image displayed.

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You can change image transition like this image:

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After than you create clip , it’s time to publish you clip. First click on Publish and then choose Custom Video File.

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Now you can change your Video quality with this option.

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Add More Style

You can add your effect or your style in this address:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Photodex\ProShow Gold\styles

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