GPT hard to MBR without loss data

One of the problem for people when they want to install new windows is error about hard , that want to change your hard format to MBR or GPT. In this post of Itarfand ypu Know how change your hard format.

First way : with Paragon Hard Disk Manager (without miss data)

First download this program:

part 1 + part 2 + part 3 

After download these files extract them and write Iso file to CD or USB.

Now boot your computer with this program.

  Customize The Icon On Removable Drive

you can see this:


Now choose this one:


choose Paragon Hard Disk Manager :


Now you can change your hard format like these images:




second way : with EaseUS Partition Master (with out miss data)

You need two hards for this way to install this program on second hard.

After install the program , right click on the hard and choose Convert to GPT to MBR.


Now click Ok to finish.

  create short key for software


Third way : with out any program (miss data)

Right Click My Computer and choose Manage.

Select Disk Management from the left.

Right click the hard with just one volume and choose Convert To MBR Disk.


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